Saturday, August 23, 2008


So, Carol and I are now most of the way through stripping down the Bianchi. I'm stuck with a crank that won't come off - the dustcap threads are slightly stripped on the Left side and I can't get the puller to properly set. Back to work on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New from old

We picked up a well used Bianchi mixte style frame today. It's at least 22 years old, but in reasonable shape. This one will be for Carol, who misses her old Miata. I'll strip it down with help from Eric, then have the frame sent out for sandblasting and painting. I'll strip off the components from my several year old Specialized Ground Control and use them for the Bianchi. Most of the current components are rusty. I'll try and bust the rust off what seems reasonable. Whatever, it will be an adventure!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So, I've been busy! There's lots going on over at Goshen Bikes and Bike Michiana these days. I've been fairly active in the Goshen Bikes group and admire the Bike Michiana efforts. We're networking with that group in the effort to work more efficiently

Personally, I'm excited by my new (old) ride: a Trek Singletrack 930. I replaced the super knobby tires with some Bontrager Select Inverts and feel like some kind of sprinter when I'm on this thing. Of course, all the miles on the X pulling loads and commuting probably help a wee bit...

I'm happy to say I'm getting much closer to commuting by bike five days a week. I've got the gear, there's no excuse, it's time to just do it. Some neighbors across the street recently sold their second car and he now rides to work every day. Now that's inspiring! It reminds me of the Xtracycle stickers that reads:

I lost
3500 lbs
in one day.
Ask me how.