Monday, November 3, 2008

KickBack video: using WideLoaders w/KickBack

Here's a video response to recent discussion of the KickBack stand for the Xtracycle FreeRadical and Surly Big Dummy.

Using WideLoaders with KickBack - Xtracycle from Xtracycle on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

KickBack: First Thoughts

I originally posted this in the Roots Radicals Xtracycle discussion group. See the response from Xtracycle folk there.


I've had the new KickBack on my X for a few days. Here are a few thoughts about it.


1) It was easy to install

2) It holds loads solidly. I just got back from the grocery store loaded with 80 to a 100 lbs of grocries (long story). No problems loading or unloading with the KickBack whatsoever. This would've been much more difficult with the Greenfield (?) kickstand.

3) It looks sleek and blends in well.


1) feet and axle ends are plastic plugs with screw-on plastic knobs. The knobs were not really securable by hand - they rattled loose quickly. I used a channel lock wrench to lightly grasp them and torque them down snugly.

2) Spring tension is fine, though the stand "bounces" up and down a bit over significant bumps in the road.

Suggested fixes to the Cons

1) a very thin, flat rubber washer would help secure the feet/ends in place without fear of over-torquing.

2) Would be neat if there was a "latch" of sorts that could be added to the chainstay and "catch" the left side leg just enough to keep the stand from "bouncing." I don't think spring tension alone will do the trick. The latch/catch could be an inverted plastic U shaped fitting with low profile nubs on the inside of the legs of the U (internal serifs??). A bolt could pass through the legs of the U and, with a bushing to protect against scratches, secure the U in place.

These are simply brainstorms and would need much more refining - I have no illusions about convenient quick-fixes to #2.


It's worth it. I can feel pretty confident that my X won't fall over as I load and unload as long as I'm not being very foolish. I'd strongly recommend this to anyone with an X or a Big Dummy.