Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Ice?

Kinda wild to realize that I feel safer on my X than on my feet or in my car. With the studded tires and long wheel base, ice just hasn't been a problem. What's crazier: driving at 30 mph on an icy road in a car weighing over a ton, walking on icy/snowy sidewalks with no studs or "trax" on my shoes, or riding down the road on my X? The X wins as safest - at least it sure feels that way!

Rode to work three days this week through cold weather and snowy/icy conditions. Of course, I pretty much HAD to do so 'cause the Saturn sedan was in the shop with a bum starter and the shop was overwhelmed with emergency work. Pretty much got me back in shape and enjoying the ride, despite the conditions.

Friday, December 11, 2009


As in, my muscles feel slack. My back did the spasm thing last Saturday and I've had a slow recovery. I'm at about 95% today and hope to ride again next week. Since I last rode - almost two weeks ago - the temperature's dropped about 20 degrees on average. Time to get my layers prepared.