Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ready for winter?

Climitts are back on (as seen below). Getting assorted layers figured out again. Studded tires are back on. Not ready for the extra drag from the knobby/studded tires, but look forward to secure riding during snow and ice. Really looking forward to taking them off when I'm in much better shape after riding them for the next 6 months. Glad I got 'em after not one fall all of last winter.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Replaced my front fender this afternoon. Planet Bike made good on their warranty and replaced a front fender after a metal flange failed for no apparent reason. As I was removing a bolt by the drop out on the left side of the fork, I managed to break off the top, leaving most of the shaft well embedded in the fork. After a run to the hardware store, I set to work with hardened drill bits and a bolt remover. The first bit worked well and I drilled out the bolt. Moments after inserting the bolt remover, it torqued off cleanly, flush with the newly drilled hole. AAARGH! Back to work with the hardened bits to drill things out, including the bolt remover! Then used standard bits to ream out the rest of the bolt. Thankfully, I managed to keep bits well centered and the bolt eventually shredded out leaving the original threads usable for a replacement bolt. Whew... Didn't get to putting on my studded tires. Those will wait till tomorrow. Yes, I know it seems early, but it did snow in late October last year and things seem much cooler up here this year.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Climitts - hand protection for the winter

Here are some photos of Climitts on the X. These do a great job keeping my hands warm and dry through winter. All I usually need are a pair of liner gloves under my fingerless bike gloves and I'm set.

Edit 12/7/2010: these are now produced by a company called Bratwear. I know nothing about the company. Here's a shortened LINK to their site and the CliMitts:

More Snapdeck mods

Here's a saddlebag mounted under the front of the Snapdeck. Mounted with small, short wood screws.

Snapdeck mods

Here are some photos of how I mounted a Planet Bike Superflash to the rear of my Snapdeck.