Saturday, April 26, 2008

Changes and tweaks

The X is in the shop for a fork transplant. I'm swapping out the original RST suspension fork for a Surly 1x1. The suspension was simply too "squishy" a feel for me when I was pumping hard. Since I don't have the know-how to do major surgery like that, I'm leaving it in the hand of my LBS. I may have a bit of withdrawal the next couple of days without the X (a Trek 4300 with Xtracycle extension).

I am so glad to have this stand - it makes working so much easier, then folds up and sits patiently in a corner. I used the workstand to tweak the rear brakes of the Specialized Ground Control (1998?) and make a few other adjustments. After riding the X for so long, riding "the red bike" is like riding on a cloud. Nice to have the new pads adjusted well so this can stop on a dime. Also adjusted my son's brakes and replaced(!) the cheap pedals after one broke in a "traffic accident" with a neighbor's son. Another neighbor joked, "Are you setting up a bike shop?" No, but it's nice to not have to take our bikes in for simple maintenance and quick repairs.

Total riding today: about 3 to 4 miles over 30 minutes for local errands. Once again had stiff headwinds.

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