Monday, September 15, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

Rode to work today and missed the rain after the rain after the rain and then some. Got to ride home in a light mist of a rain with partial blue skies. Nice - until my chain slipped and got jammed between my chainrings. Luckily it happened when pulling up to a stop light. A quick jump onto the curb and a few tweaks and I was back on the road without any problems. Did the Monday afternoon pick-up-son-on-back-of-X-then-get-trailer-and-his-bike-and-go-to-piano-class-then-pick-up-lil'-sis-in-the-trailer-and-off-to-Grandmas routine. The weather has been very cool - in the low 6o's and likely will hit the mid 40's tonight. It's great biking weather with light layers.

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