Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cross Training

I wanted to take a moment and recommend Si-boards as a way of getting in much better physical shape for biking. While I found using a balance board was fairly helpful, taking the next big step and learning to ride a Si-board has had some great results. I have much better stamina, much better sense of core strength, and much stronger legs overall. My shins and calfs haven't felt this solid in a very long time. I really like the overall workout of riding the Si-board on the solid urethane ball. It's unlike anything I've tried before and I'm totally sold on it. Our daughter gets the benefit of use by trying to copy what we do by using a Si-board. This is very important, given that she has Down Syndrome and anything that helps her develop better core strength will pay back great dividends later in life. Below is a video of some advanced riding skills. I'm still very much a beginner, but really enjoy the workout, the ride, and the physical benefits!

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