Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making Garden

We spent part of the morning over at our Garden group's greenhouse learning about planting seeds in soil blocks. Carol and I biked over and the kids rode on the back of the X with B wrapping his arms around Alta to grip the stoker bar (We did order the PeaPod LT and look forward to Alta riding more securely!). The morning was very cool, but incredibly sunny - a perfect Spring day. After seeding, we did some birdwatching across the Mill Race. I lucked out and spotted a Baltimore Oriole nest hanging from a low tree branch over the Race. I noticed the brihgt orange flash of a female flitting about in the tree and followed her to the nest with my binoculars. Carol spotted some warblers for her list. Later on while chatting with friends, we were amused by the long-winded "caterwauling" of a catbird. A lovely morning!

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