Sunday, December 14, 2008

My right pedal broke a couple of weeks ago - at least that's when I became aware of it. The cage around the pedal broke, apparently some time ago, but I hadn't noticed. I only noticed after one of the screws holding the cage in place began working loose. I heard the distinct squeak of metal against metal and traced down the source. I've since replaced the broken set with new Velo-Orange Touring Pedals.

Unlike other pedals I've used in the past, there's no purchase area for a traditional pedal wrench for installation/removal. I was completely clueless about how to securely mount the pedals and sent Chris Kulczycki at Velo-Orange a rather arrogant note informing him of this problem and suggesting he change the design to allow for use of pedal wrenches. His simple, one line response?
Like many modern pedals these are installed with an Allan wrench from the back of the spindle.
Oh..! That solved what was clearly "my problem." Thanks, Chris, for the great pedals. They work wonderfully with Power Grip Straps installed.

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