Thursday, December 18, 2008


As in head cold sick. I've been sick since the weekend. I really haven't ridden since just over a week ago and I can tell my legs are screaming, "Ride! We're atrophying!" Weather doesn't look very nice - very icy and snowy tonight and tomorrow w/just above freezing temps during the day, then dropping into the low teens by Saturday. Yeehah. Slow, cold going. Well, hopefully this head cold will be done soon enough and I'll be able to ride w/out sliming myself or coughing up tons of phlegm.

Time to go charge batteries for lights...


SiouxGeonz said...

When I have a head cold it helps to really, really thoroughly blow the ol' nose. Even if I'm too tired to. Hope you get to feeling better soon - and hope you didn't get too iced in.
Get out there and just slime away :) It's very cathartic!

BikeWhenYouCan said...

Nasal Steroids were Rx'd yesterday. They seem to help quickly w/o the worry of antibiotics, according to my family doc. I can already tell a difference.

We're not iced in, but it's really nasty conditions now and more snow is forecast. Thanks for the well-wishes!