Friday, December 26, 2008

Skating away

So I rode the X to the Co-op this afternoon to pick up some groceries and special orders. I hitched up the trailer to carry the two cheesecakes waiting for our extended family gathering tomorrow. Our street and alley were basically solid ice with holes, ruts, and the occasional patch of paving stone or pavement. It was insane to be out on foot, car, or bike. At least I had some traction from the studded tires. Putting my foot down was only for the purpose of sliding/propping the bike from slipping out from under me entirely. Now, if I could only figure a way to have shoes with ice traction so I could be a bit more assured on foot.


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AdamB said...

I know that feeling! Sometimes when I'm slipping around on foot I've found myself thinking, "If only I had my bike, I'd have so much more traction!"